The Doctor

He is a doctor CRM-RJ 953687 and CRM-SP 124125. He was first laureate in his graduation due to his academic production. He has a surgeon training, registered as a specialist at CREMESP under number 33433, member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) and associated with the Brazilian Laser Society for Medicine and Surgery (SBLMC).

Science and Art of Filling

Dr. Roberto Chacur is the author of the book “Science and Art of Filling” (Editora AGE, 2018, 262 pages), in which he reports his 12 years of experience and exclusive work with this technique. In the publication, launched during the XV ABME World Congress, the doctor demonstrates how to use in the facial and body filling, in the correction of scars and adhesions, as well as in the treatment of cellulite, the Goldincision technique, the result of a tool he developed with the at the same time infiltrate, anesthetize, fill and take off.