On November 25 and 26, 2017, Dr.Roberto Chacur presented his technique for treating cellulite that associates filling with the subcision technique with the patient standing at the IX Brazilian Congress of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at the Hotel Mirador RJ.

In later stages, especially in grade IV, cellulite fibroses become nodules that cause stiffness and pain. Fibrosis is an internal healing caused by the distension of the tissue due to the accumulation of fat. The fibrous septum is responsible for pulling the skin while the rest of the tissue expands, which eventually causes the characteristic depressions of cellulite. With subcision it is possible to cut the fibrous septa with a special needle, promoting the distortion. After subcision the patient is ready for revolumerization, a process in which a filler returns the volume to depression.

During the Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Dr Roberto Chacur presented a technique that minimizes physical discomfort caused by aesthetic problems.
The IX Brazilian Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge and exchange of experiences among its members and other interested physicians.

Although not yet formally recognized by the Brazilian official bodies, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is practiced and consecrated worldwide. The valorization of the image and the search for beauty have become, in the last decades, much more than a simple matter of vanity. In fact, in today’s society, the search for a better, younger and healthier appearance has become one of the elements of physical, emotional and social well-being.

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