Bioplasty when applied to the cheekbone seeks to redefine the contour of the jaw and replace lost tissue due to aging. The relationship of light and shadow on the skin can also be altered, enabling enhancement effects on the patient’s main facial features. You can also fill the mass of the malar to decrease sagging tissue, similar to surgical lifting. For better facial harmonization, cheekbone bioplasty is often performed in conjunction with jaw line bioplasty.
Prior to the start of treatment, it is essential that the patient talk with their doctor to fully understand the real possibilities of the process, avoiding forced traces and regrets. Although it is an interactive practice, in which the patient has to say as to the result, the doctor’s word should always be considered the final one. Local anesthesia is usually used, allowing the patient to stay awake during the operation.

The implant molding period is four days, in which the colloid, cellulose or gel (depending on the type of implant) are suspended, absorbed and replaced by the collagen produced in the body, reacting to the stimulation in fibroblasts caused by PMMA. A general review after the seventh day is advised to evaluate the results.

Face Apple Bioplasty is performed with a microcannula, a pointless needle that avoids any type of neurovascular damage. Since no cuts are used, noticeable bleeding is nonexistent. Considered a mild procedure, it is possible to quickly return to routine activities after treatment.

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