First introduced in the book Science and Art of Filling, the GoldIncision technique for the treatment of cellulite grades III and IV developed by Dr Roberto Chacur will be exhibited at the XVI World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine that will take place from April 4 to 6, 2019 at Maksoud Plaza Hotel Sao Paulo.

Among the main themes of this year’s Congress are:

– Anti aging
– Clinical Dermatology
– Aesthetic Dermatology
– Facial and Body Aesthetics
– Facial Harmonization
– Regenerative Medicine
– New Trends in Aesthetic Medical Treatments

The event gathers annually the main physicians involved in the areas of Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology and Regenerative Medicine, with national and international professionals.

Always seeking to improve, improve and monitor the evolution, we will gather current topics in these areas, as well as many technological news, techniques, new products in the market, a lot of experience exchange and partnerships.

There will be three days of great information, with exclusive rooms for each of the above areas, as well as an exclusive room for simultaneous Workshops.


The GoldIncision Techniques

With the GoldIncision method, Dr. Roberto Chacur associates the subcision and filling techniques.

“The accumulation of fat by estrogen causes the skin to expand while the fibers that attach it to the muscle tension the tissue, this opposition of forces causes the characteristic depression of cellulite,” says Roberto Chacur, who has been working for 12 years exclusively with minimally dedicated techniques. invasive.

In its severity levels considered the most alarming, three and four, cellulite becomes visible even without understanding the tissues, leading to unsightly changes and health problems such as metabolic, circulatory failure and even pain.

About ABME

ABME is a legally registered institution, formerly known as ABME / CABMCE, today called just ABME.

It is an institution made up of doctors of various specialties, working together for over 10 years in the development, improvement and growth of medicine, an area that encompasses all that is aesthetic in medicine.

All this began more than 20 years ago, when several doctors around the world, seeing that within various specialties there was something aesthetic, then decided to merge all the existing aesthetic pathologies in medicine and created an area they called “Medicine and Aesthetics” Since then, this medical areas has been growing a lot all over the world.


Cellulite in the skin

Due to the action of the female hormone known as estrogen, about 90% of women suffer from the appearance of cellulite in the skin. These troublesome holes can be classified into grades from 1 to 4, according to their evolution and aspects of increasing gravity scale.

Grade 3 and 4 cellulite are more difficult to treat with traditional methods, but a new technique developed by a Brazilian doctor has achieved great results in combat and these two stages of cellulite.

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