The Aesthetic Injector Network was held May 16-18 in Miami, USA. The event held by the company Galderma, was an improvement training in filling techniques, botulinum toxin and collagen biostimulators for a select group of dermatologists and plastic surgeons from Brazil. The classes were theoretical and practical. Dr. Roberto Chacur attended another congress.

Just as skin is a unique system in the human body, dermatology requires specialized knowledge and unique skills.

In addition to the advanced anatomy course, expert lectures containing procedure demonstrations were conducted live.


Miami Anatomical Research Center

The highlight of vocational training happens when all the knowledge accumulated over the years begins to materialize in practical and surgical actions. Well-targeted training with appropriate models strikes a balance between theory and practice.

Professionals who seek the MARC Institute for their improvement find this balance earlier. During training there is a sharing and exchange of experiences between those who teach and those who learn, so that at any given time there is no distinction between those who teach and those who learn, all win. This is the Educational model of the MARC Institute.

Roberto Chacur at M.A.R.C. headquarters in Miami for Aesthetic Injector Network training in 2018

The Inspiration of the MARC Institute was to create in one place all the facilities for a training excellence laboratory, starting with its location in the International City of Miami (Florida) recognized for its cultural diversity and great economic strength. Named “The Gateway to the Americas,” the “Gateway to the Americas” due to its strategic location and multicultural and linguistic aspects with connections to North, Central and South America, as well as all Caribbean connections, make Miami a Globalized city, where many companies centralize their crucial operations in this city.



Galderma was founded to establish itself as a pharmaceutical company exclusively dedicated to dermatology.

For over 30 years, all of the company’s resources have been channeled in one direction, providing innovative dermatological medical solutions that meet the needs of patients and physicians with a particular focus on acne, rosacea, psoriasis and other responsive cortical dermatoses, onychomycosis. (fungal nail infections), pigmentary disorders, skin cancer, and aesthetic and corrective solutions for skin aging.

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