1. Use of polylactic wire in facial support

With less than a year of ANVISA of the yarn called Silhouette Suture, Dr. Roberto Chacur presented his experience with more than 50 cases of this new technique.

The method uses a wire that aims to promote a non-surgical lifting effect, being minimally invasive, without cuts and without postoperative. This new yarn is composed of a product called polylactic acid, which is flexible and elastic (greater patient comfort and imperceptible to touch), as well as a completely resorbed yarn in approximately 1.5 years. Many patients feel safe to undergo this treatment with apparent results soon after application. This technique is also being used in special cases of body sagging as presented by Dr. Chacur.

2. Treatment performed by Dr. Chacur for over four years combining four techniques at the same time.

This work was presented last year at the American Laser Congress (ASLMS) and, recently, with new approaches at this world congress promoted in São Paulo.

In this lecture Dr. Roberto Chacur presented dozens of results associating the filling with facial PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), not only to replace facial volumetry, but also to promote facial harmony, aiming at greater attractiveness.

In addition to methacrylate filling, especially in deep planes, Dr. Roberto Chacur associates the Fractionated CO2 laser with radiofrequency and, later, botulinum toxin. The association of the techniques in the presented form proved to be very safe and effective, as it was possible to reverse the aging aspect by acting exactly the opposite of it.

It was possible to replace the lost volume over the years with the use of definitive filler and that also promotes deep tissue stimulation, giving greater support and improvement in “muscle laxity”. In addition, cutaneous collagen stimulation occurs with fractionated CO2 laser and radiofrequency, and relaxation of expression wrinkles by the use of botulinum toxin.

3. Polymethyl methacrylate glute augmentation (2000 case experience)

In this presentation, Dr. Roberto Chacur presented his series of 2,000 (two thousand) applications of polymethylmethacrylate gluteal filling, a study that was passed by the ethics committee and is in its final phase for publication.

In this widely applauded presentation, Dr. Chacur of the Leger Clinics can demonstrate hundreds of images with results not only in gluteal volume but also corrections for trauma or unsuccessful liposuction, as well as corrections of silicon-looking prostheses. prosthesis and post-withdrawal revolutionization of silicone prostheses.

With this number of patients, Dr. Chacur placed the safety of the product from industry unlike other unregistered or pharmacy handled products.

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