From March 17-19, 2016, Dr. Roberto Chacur attended the 13th AMBE World Congress. During the event held in Rio de Janeiro also took place the IV National Congress of Dermatology of the Brazilian College of Dermatology and the I Symposium of Ambulatory Surgery.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn the latest in appliance technologies, products and techniques for rejuvenation in both lectures and exhibitor space. In addition to witnessing the dissemination of news in the area, Dr. Roberto Chacur received guests in the segmental face, neck and neck rejuvenation panel, with an approach aimed at improving skin quality, including: static and dynamic wrinkles; treatment for ridges, wrinkles, pigmentation, vessels and sagging eye area; sagging and volumetric replacement with padding, wires and available technologies; and options for neck and neck rejuvenation.

The Leger Clinic made six presentations in total, talking about filler and associated treatments such as laser and botulinum toxin. The team had the opportunity to talk with specialists from Brazil and around the world, with significant highlight to the meeting with Dr. Gottfried Lemperle, responsible for the first studies for the application of PMMA in soft tissues focusing on aesthetics and repair.

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