Pectoral Fill

Pectoral bioplasty helps in restoring symmetry in the region. Treatment is much sought by those who suffer from asymmetry or hypotrophy in the local or even Poland syndrome, lack of pectoral muscle.

Some body composition problems can prevent the development of chest muscles through exercise. In such cases it is possible to consult a doctor to evaluate the hypothesis of a pectoral bioplasty. Treatment includes the sternocostal, clavicular and abdominal portions.

As an intramuscular procedure performed in deep planes, the recommended filler is PMMA. Material approved in the United States by the FDA and Brazil by Anvisa, made of polymethyl methacrylate microspheres that contributes to muscle support. Through pectoral bioplasty it is also possible to shape the contour and balance the shapes of the entire upper trunk.

The pectoral bioplasty procedure is performed without hospitalization, the patient receives the PMMA implant in a suitable space within the doctor’s office under the effect of local anesthesia only. By being awake it is possible to follow the evolution of the whole process so that the appearance is as desired.

Pectoral bioplasty is usually performed with PMMA, a definitive non-migrating filler, non-toxic and has a low body rejection rate and is considered biocompatible. However, you can consult your doctor about non-definitive pectoral filling with hyaluronic acid.

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