Filling in Lipodystrophy

Lipodystrophy of seropositive patients can be softened with bioplasty and filling. One of the side effects of antiretroviral treatment is weight loss of the legs, buttocks, arms and especially the face.

The loss of facial fat causes a lot of nuisance since the area is permanently exposed. To increase self-esteem in such cases, your doctor may recommend substance applications that will help restore the contours of your face. Lipodystrophy can be corrected with definitive compounds such as PMMA or absorbable as Hyaluronic Acid.

Filling and bioplasty are widely sought in the treatment of lipodystrophy because they act on the problem without leaving scars, which is fundamental when it comes to a facial aesthetic procedure. The filler substance is inserted with a microcannula without tip, which makes it difficult to rupture vessels and the consequent formation of edema. The hole is the size of a needle, with no need for stitches, hospitalization or recovery period.

Bioplasty helps reduce lipodystrophy by balancing the dimensions of the leaner areas of the body with other regions such as the abdomen, thorax and nape. The entire procedure is performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia. During application the awake patient may collaborate in the reconstruction of the weakened region.