Science and Art of Dermal Fillers

Science and Art of Dermal Fillers is Dr. Roberto Chacur’s first book. Dr. Chacur has been working exclusively on this technique for 12 years, whether in practice or research. In the book he talks about his experience, showing the scientific aspects behind dermal fillers and the artistic refinement in harmonizing face and body.

As a contribution to the whole scientific community and general knowledge in society, Science and Art of Dermal Fillers is now available in hard copies or free downloads.

This book contributes to reduce gaps in publications about the theme, and relevantly suggests to the scientific community several dermal filler techniques, according to area and goal of treatment, always pointing out the importance of a personal, one-of-a-kind evaluation of the patient.

For patients, the book clarifies the entire process, underlining the importance of Avisa-approved product use, the need of a place with proper higienic conditions for medical procedures, and a personal evaluation done by a registered medical practitioner.

The book still reveals two ground-breaking approaches: an association of rejuvenation techniques and technologies, proposing personal treatment of signals of aging for a natural look; and a cellulite III and IV degree treatment without surgery, patient awake and aware before a mirror.

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